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41 Days of Compassion

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41 Days of Compassion ❤️
Establishing unwavering faith within!

From Monday 20 July 2020 Ahimsa in Action is hosting a 41 Days of Compassion, program on the Ahimsa in Action Facebook Page.
This will comprise of 41 consecutive days of online programs by the Mohanji Acharyas.
Daily programs include chants of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and alternating between, discussions of Mohanji’s teachings, reading from the Power of Purity Book, experience sharing, and listening to the Mohanji Speaks Podcast.
All programs are for the purpose of showering compassion and sharing Mohanji’s teachings and experiences as a means to establish faith within, cutting linkages to fears and anxieties🙏🏻
The 41 Days of Compassion will commence on 20 July, the third Monday of Shravan, until 29 August.